Link Supercharger, PLR On sale!

Link Supercharger, PLR

Link Supercharger is a popular link cloaking/tracking system with tons of cool features that make it stand head and shoulders above other products on the market.

Product Description

Link Supercharger is a popular link cloaking/tracking system with tons of cool features that make it stand head and shoulders above other products on the market.

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Great for product vendors and marketers looking to take control their links and an essential “MUST HAVE” for affiliate marketers, social networkers and bloggers …

In fact, just about everyone working online –

Link Supercharger is a simple to install, PHP web software, (it takes less than a minute upload and set up on any web hosting account) and your customers can master it and start using it in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee – That’s great for you, amazing for them and there’s really nothing else on the market that comes close!

In short… The potential for this type of software is HUGE!

But the ‘cherry on the cake’ for you today is that this license doesn’t just short-cut the product development process… It’ll completely eliminate it –

Link Supercharger has already been battle tested and tweaked and it’s READY TO SELL right now – And we’re giving you everything you need so you can work less and earn more.

YES! You can sell Link Supercharger ‘as is’ – or if you prefer, you can rebrand the entire application in just minutes – We’ve included a short, easy to follow ‘anyone can do it’ rebranding instruction video that you’ll get along with the source code files inside the reseller’s kit.

In a nutshell you’ll get:

  • Ready To Sell Version – Super Simple Installer To Give To Your Customers
  • Source Code Version – Edit/Rebrand it’s up to you (Plus+ Video ‘How To’ included)

With the flexible license you can start selling today or take a little time to rename/re-position the software as your own, then run a quick special offer or go for a big profit product launch!

And of course, you can sell unlimited copies and keep every single cent for yourself

Also Included:

  • Easy Install Video – Give This To Your Customers To Cut Down On Support
  • Quick Set-Up/User Video – Teach Your Customers How To Get Started Fast

Selling Your Own Hot Software Product Doesn’t Get Easier Than This…

You get everything you need to get started marketing, selling and properly supporting your new software – just as it would be if you’d built everything yourself from scratch…

Here’s just a few ways you can use Link Supercharger in your current business:

  • Rebrand then go for a full on product launch and recruit an army of affiliates.
  • Sell it ‘as is’ TODAY, blast out a quick email and recoup your investment fast.
  • Use Behind regular front end offers (create a KILLER upsell to boost your profits)
  • Use as a bonus behind your products or affiliate products (see terms below)
  • And of course you should be using it yourself to cloak and track your links!

Your Private Label License Terms:

  • [ Yes ] Can sell this software to your customers. (**personal rights only)
  • [ Yes ] Can be sold, “as is” or in rebranded/renamed/re-formatted.
  • [ Yes ] Can be edited, renamed, add your name as the developer/publisher.
  • [ Yes ] Can be translated into other languages and sold.

** Note: personal rights means you can sell single/multi-site license to the software but NOT pass on any kind of licensing rights/source code or resell rights for your customers to sell the software themselves. Only you get this level of rights.

  • [ No ] Unless fully rebranded software cannot be combined with other offers.
  • [ No ] Unless fully rebranded software cannot be used as a bonus
  • [ No ] Cannot pass resale rights.
  • [ No ] Cannot pass master resale rights.
  • [ No ] Cannot pass private label or source code rights.
  • [ No ] Cannot pass the PSD, graphic/source files to customers.
  • [ No ] Cannot include the software with personal use rights on a free or paid membership site for download by its subscribers or members unless
  1. The membership site charges minimum of $27 OR MORE a month;
  2. There are no more than 5 TOTAL products in the entire website

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