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Retire Post WP Plugin

Discover the Simple Solution to Posting Expiring Content Without Ugly 404 Errors or Endless Manual Updates!

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Discover the Simple Solution to Posting Expiring Content Without Ugly 404 Errors or Endless Manual Updates!

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What if you could set up your posts and pages to automatically redirect to a different page on a specific day and time? Now, rather than backtracking through all of your promotional material and trying to figure out what should be removed when, you can easily set up the system ahead of time, for hands-free results you don’t have to even think about.

Here’s how it works:

Simply install the plugin in any WordPress site, choose a few simple default behaviors, and then change the status on any post or page to “retired” for an elegant solution to issues caused by expiring offers.

Retire Posts plugin is easy to use and maintain, without…

  • Difficult shortcode syntax to configure.
  • Messy and unpredictable javascript code in your posts.
  • A dizzying array of options and settings to leave you feeling as if you need a PhD in php to manage.

It’s a simple, concise solution that just works – exactly the way you want it to, every time.

Retire Posts plugin lets you…

  • Set a global redirect for all retired content, so users never see another 404 error page again.
  • Override the default settings on any single post for complete control over your special offers.
  • Retire both posts and pages, so you can control every aspect of your marketing funnel, from blog posts to opt-in pages to sales pages – as long as they’re a part of your WordPress site, you can set them to retire.
  • Choose the exact time and date of retirement – no more waiting until midnight because your cart says you have to.
  • Automate the process, so you don’t have to rely on a VA to remember to redirect a page on the right day.
  • Manually set any page to “retired” with the click of a button, so you can skip the setup and still benefit.
  • Create custom messages for your readers, so they know exactly why they’re being redirected. No more confusion over missing offers!
  • Redirect your retired pages anywhere – even to an affiliate offer.

Plus, since Retire Posts is a WordPress plugin, you know that it:

  • Easy to install using the one-click built-in installer.
  • Works perfectly right out of the box – no fussy configurations to mess with.
  • Works with any theme and won’t interfere with your current style sheets.

Package includes:

  •  WP Plugin
  •  User Guide
  •  Demo Video

Distribution Rights: Personal Use/Developer Rights

Yes – Use on UNLIMITED websites and domains you personally own and on your CLIENT’S websites.


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